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CFIL Accredited Specialist Sarah Thompson presenting at CPD and Seminars

Sarah Thompson, one of CFIL's 3 Accredited Specialists in Immigration Law, has recently been busy presenting at CPD seminars.

In February, Sarah presented on "How immigration law affects your clients" at the actlawsociety's "Growth for Your Professional Knowledge" 2 day intensive seminar:

In late March 2017, Sarah presented at the Victorian MIA's Member Support session on Judicial Review. Sarah was able to pass on some of her considerable knowledge about:

  • Differences between merits review and judicial review

  • What to be aware of when conducting merits review

  • When judicial review is an option

  • The various jurisdictions and time limits for making judicial review applications

  • How to tell when a notification is defective notification and what its implications are for review rights

  • Natural justice and how to tell if it has been properly afforded

  • How to spot a jurisdictional error and what to do if we come across one

  • Applying for merits review out of time


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